Cloud Hosting

Discover the promise of cloud, not the compromises. Cloud Hosting includes virtual servers, remote storage and a robust content delivery network that leverage our core advantages and longtime leadership in automated, on-demand, self-managed infrastructure.

Besides operating as stand-alone solutions, every Cloud Hosting service seamlessly integrates with FullSwitch dedicated servers and automated services, with one private network, API and management system, and without any special connection mechanism or package. It’s that easy to create and control a hybrid computing environment with unprecedented interoperability and efficiency.

And with our one-of-a-kind Build Your Own Cloud server offering, you can customize your virtual servers to your unique application requirements.

It’s the scalability that makes the cloud incredible, without the sacrifices in performance, flexibility and security that can make it impractical.


FullSwitch is the only provider that allows you to integrate and manage physical and virtual servers within a truly unified environment, for complete flexibility and control of your computing environment.

From cloud computing to on-demand Dedicated Servers and Managed Hosting, we provide automated hosting services for any company size.